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Thumbs down Racist and derogatory

I don't know if anyone still knows this (it's common knowledge if you understand root words) but "gyp" is a derogatory term referring to Gypsies. It's not getting a bad deal, or whatever else the clues have been that lead to this answer, repeatedly. It's racist. And a slur. If I wrote a crossword puzzle, I would not have "heeb" or "spik" as answer, so you should not have gyp.
Furthermore, Pagans, are not hedonistic. Again, offensive. Pagans are devout followers of a religion that is in touch with the world around them, including these block-headed Christians. It is a disgusting insinuation that pagans are focused on personal pleasure, instead of the health and happiness of the natural world.
Maybe whoever writes this garbage should pull their head out of their ass and realize this isn't 1920 anymore, and white Christians are not superior.
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Although I wouldn't mind seeing this word removed from this site, the etymology in most dictionaries will say that it's uncertain as to the origin of the word. It's quite likely to be short for "Gypsy" (Romany), but it's also possibly derived from "Egyptian," or is a variant form of "scullion," an archaic word for menial servant. The word, "niggardly", has derivations dating to Medieval Norse languages, and no connection to a more controversial word of recent centuries. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind seeing it removed from this site.

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